About Me

Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal

-Walt Disney

Gabrielle Fletcher

Hi there,

My name is Gabrielle, I am the creator and owner of “biz in a box” I currently live in Auckland with my husband, three children and our family dog.  In 2003, we returned to Auckland after spending 6 years in London with my husband and where we had our two boys, nothing felt better then bringing the family back to my hometown to live.  Our boys then were 3 and 9 months. Our boys loved the outdoor space to run around and being a stay home mum there were endless outing options to enjoy with them. In 2007, we had our beautiful baby girl, she brought so much joy and we now knew our family was complete.  I knew I wanted to continue to be at home with our children full time, that was my priority and I loved being a mum.  Everything seemed to be perfect, until the end of 2007 when the crash happened unfortunately our investment in the share market went terribly wrong and we lost a lot of money, it felt like everything changed overnight for us and the financial pressure was causing a lot of stress for my husband (Aaron) and I.  We knew we had to think ahead and make positive plans.

This is when I knew we needed two incomes to help support the family, but I also knew I could never work for anyone; I was a stay home mum and still wanted to be there for our children.  I could not bear the thought of working for someone, being dictated to what I could or could not do.  I knew for sure my children were priority but also loved other children.  Therefore, this made me think, could I look after other people’s children in our home, this way I am still the boss and I am there for my children.  I started to ring around many childcare providers; I started to interview them with all my questions. I asked things like Can I choose my hours and my rates. All of them clearly stated that no they had their conditions around this.   It wasn’t until I had one particular consultant come to my house, I remember it clearly, asking all my questions and getting the responses I was looking for, yes I could choose my hours and yes I could choose my rates, I would be self employed and supported by them.. This was perfect it fitted in well with what I was looking for. And signed up a few days later.

From 2009, my childcare business started to grow quickly and over the years, it has become this amazing and rewarding career.  I created many services and had many fantastic families that understood who I was and what my business could offer them and their child.

I had to turn many families away often, as I just did not have any availability. The fact that home based childcare is limited to few spaces per day, started to make me think about what other services I could offer and what was lacking in the market for parents. Talking to families, parents, and organizations in the community I came to realize very quickly how your business “name” can get such a good reputation and grow so well, also discovering the huge gap that exists in this industry.

Over the years I have spoken to many other Educators, they were complaining that they did not have enough work, or there were too many other educators in their local area, or the provider wasn’t bringing families to them, or they were changing their rules often to fit in with what the parents were wanting, which created longer days then they wanted or too many different rates for their families.

I could not understand why so many educators were having these issues; I was turning away parents so often due to being consistently full. And I was charging more than everyone else I spoke too.  Why was that? It was very clear that there was little or no support with training on how to set up and run a successful business home based Childcare business. Without realizing, I had created a successful system that was working for me.  I decided to put all that I had done over the years onto paper filtering out what didn‘t work and created a step-by-step system that anyone can follow.  I have put all my knowledge and experience into creating what is now known as the “yourchildcarebiz”.